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F.I.S.T. Football Academy is for offensive and defensive linemen of any experience level. Our coaches have worked with local youth league players to professionals.


We want to provide the same comprehensive, progression based training that will provide our clients the necessary tools to take their game to the next level. F.I.S.T. Football Academy has also started its own showcase specifically geared towards offensive and defensive linemen.


The Line is currently held in three states and has had nearly 1,000 participants in 3 years. 


Being a resource for the athletes that choose to work with us is the ultimate goal at F.I.S.T. Football Academy.


We do everything in our power to provide the athletes that choose to work with us the best possible football experience that they can have.


Technique is a nuanced art form that needs to be constantly refined and refreshed.


Our job at F.I.S.T. Football Academy is to ensure that your nervous system adapts to the rigors of the position, while maintaining a positive learning and training environment. We strive to use our progression based training tactics to ensure that the athletes that choose to work with F.I.S.T. grasp the concepts and movements being taught before moving on to the next portion of training. The coaches at F.I.S.T. provide a positive training environment that translates to the overall feel of the athletes that choose to work with us. The athletes that choose to work with F.I.S.T. support each other and advocate for each other. They congratulate and applaud each other when an accomplishment is reached, and pick each other up when another falls just short. F.I.S.T. is a true brotherhood, and athletes embrace each other as such.


Parents and athletes 

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"Other programs work on 'football skills, but O-linemen need particular skills to execute at their positions. Each session I work with FIST, I walk away a better football player and a better person. They have created a positive and motivating culture where it's no surprise to see college players return to train on their summer and winter breaks."

Trenton VanBoening, Libertyville High School

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